Why is cybersecurity important?

How important is cybersecurity?

With the growing presence of connected enterprise technologies in recent years, the role of organizational cybersecurity has evolved to become an essential component of business operations. To put it simply, cybersecurity is considered a pillar of protection for business systems and data from bad actors and cyberattacks.

Businesses require a proper security framework to protect themselves against the ever-increasing cybersecurity risks they face. With a thorough and complete security plan in place, businesses can prepare for potential threats by building strong security capabilities to protect their systems, quickly detect potential threats as they come in, and recover from the result of a successful attack.

Protection against Cyberattacks

As the trend of remote work continues, many businesses have invested in hardware and infrastructure to support their workforce operations. They now rely more heavily on email communication, visual collaboration platforms, and stored data in the cloud than ever before. Because of this, it is vital for businesses to implement multiple layers of security protect themselves against breaches and data exfiltration.

If a successful breach occurs, businesses risk not only the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their systems and data, but their credibility with clients as well. In these situations, the organization responsible for those systems and data may become exposed to resulting legal liability. In addition, it is common for businesses to be targeted by ransomware attacks in which they can be blackmailed for large sums of money.

A widely held belief is that bad actors only target large businesses with cyberattacks. In reality, small to medium sized businesses are most frequently targeted, as they are least prepared to mitigate potential security risks caused by a successful attack.

Benefits of Cybersecurity

  1. Access Control – Having strong controls in place will prevent system access from falling into the wrong hands.
  2. Inside Threat Protection – A member of a vulnerable organization has the potential to become a an unwitting threat to operations.
  3. Client Confidence – Existing clients trust secure businesses more and potential clients will feel confident knowing their interests are protected.
  4. Secure Workflows – Having proper antivirus and anti-malware controls prevents the compromise of computer systems, software, and data.
  5. Limit Risk Exposure – Businesses that prevent cyberattacks can avoid the impacts of a successful cyberattack.
  6. Protect Data – Having multiple secure backups facilitate data recovery after a successful attack.

Secure your organization

Cyberattacks can harm businesses and organizations through stealing or destroying data and systems, slowing or stopping workplace productivity, causing issues or confusion between businesses and clients, and creating concern among their employees. To secure your organization, we recommend the following basic measures:

  1. Enforce strong password complexity and change passwords regularly
  2. Deploy antivirus software to protect endpoints
  3. Regularly audit firewall rules and configuration
  4. Test and install updates for software and systems
  5. Train employees to avoid social engineering attempts
  6. Encrypt data and create frequent backups
  7. Use multi-factor authentication wherever possible
  8. Use a secure Virtual Private Network for external access
  9. Create and test a recovery plan for worst-case scenarios
  10. Continuously monitor security alerts and overall environment status

As criminals continue to find new and innovative attack methods, it is critical that businesses review relevant cybersecurity advisories and bulletins to incorporate them into their security framework and procedures.

Technuf and Cybersecurity

While businesses can take the lead to secure their organization, it is equally important to consult professionals in the cybersecurity field to learn more about the different attacks and how to prevent them. When technology is not enough, that is where Technuf comes in.

At Technuf, we prioritize cybersecurity for ourselves as well as for our clients. We spend a vast amount of time to train our employees to ensure we can provide secure services to our clients and build strong trust.

To learn more about how Technuf can help you build a strong and secure system, please reach out to us. We are committed to providing the best service and exceeding your expectations!