Meet the Primes

On May 9, 2023, Technuf LLC was privileged to participate as one of 50+ exhibitors in Montgomery County Maryland’s “Meet the Primes” expo at the Silver Spring, Maryland Civic Building. Exhibitors included prime contractors, government agencies and local resources and drew a crowd of several hundred mostly local business representatives seeking opportunities to network with exhibitors and explore subcontracting opportunities. 

Established and headquartered in Montgomery County Maryland since 2012, Technuf is a prime contractor to Montgomery County on two contracts.  LCATS 3 is designated for outstanding local small IT businesses while MCCATS 3 is open and does not have a local geographical restriction. Only twelve vendors are awarded under each contract and Technuf is one of only four IT businesses receiving awards in both. 

Technuf was represented by Ali Kahn, James Conner and Scott Bolden for this half-day event. There were numerous questions and introductions from established companies exploring subcontracting opportunities, but also many startups simply looking for advice on how best to establish their businesses in the county. Demos of Technuf’s Timesheet product were provided and garnered significant interest among attendees that are ready to automate this function within their business. 

We express our appreciation to the Montgomery County Office of Procurement for including Technuf in this highly successful event!